SAA Bulletin – February 2013


Creative Saskatchewan Announced

February 8th, 2013


Today the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport Kevin Doherty announced that legislation will be introduced this spring to establish Creative Saskatchewan – a new agency for product development and marketing. A one-time $1 million Creative Industries Transition Fund, administered by the Saskatchewan Arts Board, will support Saskatchewan projects until the new Creative Saskatchewan agency is launched later in 2013.

The government announced that it will invest $150,000 to assist in launching the new agency, and will continue its support of the soundstage, also encouraging its use as a creative hub. Details of Creative Saskatchewan will be worked out in consultation with the creative industries. See the news release for more information –

Today's announcement follows yesterday's news of Laura Ross's appointment as Secretary to the Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport responsible for the creative industries. The Leader Post reported that Premier Wall said Ross's work “is intended to mesh with an upcoming announcement on the results of consultations with arts and creative groups, warning that in the next budget, there’s not going to be a lot for extra, new programming, but we’re serious about a new approach in this area (Leader Post Feb. 8, 2013).”