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SPAR Survey of Sask Artists

The Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR) Survey of Saskatchewan Artists found that:

Saskatchewan Artists get paid for their work:

  • 96.8% of Artists surveyed received income from their creative work.

But most don’t get paid much:

  • Artists average reported income from creative work approximately $15,000
  • 42.5% of Artists surveyed earned under $5,000/yr. from creative work
  • Less than 10% of Artists surveyed reported earnings of more than $40,000/yr. from their creative work.

Saskatchewan Artists work outside their art practice:

  • 55.3% of Artists surveyed reported earning income from employment outside the arts and culture.

Saskatchewan Artists work long hours:

  • Average Artist respondents’ Work Week = 48.5 hrs
    • creative practice = 24.5 hrs/wk
    • teaching or mentorship = 8 hrs/wk
    • working outside the arts = 16 hrs/wk
    • Average Saskatchewan Work Week = 38.8 hours

Highlights regarding Saskatchewan Artists at work from Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada’s Provinces and Territories (Based on the 2011 National Household Survey and the Labour Force Survey), October 22, 2014.

  • Artists are entrepreneurs: 50% of Saskatchewan’s artists are self-employed, compared with just 14% of the overall provincial labour force.
  • Saskatchewan artists’ incomes decreased 1% between 1989 to 2013 vs. a 17% increase in overall labour force.
  • The total individual income of Saskatchewan’s artists averages $28,400… 40% lower than the overall labour force average ($47,000). Cultural workers have average individual incomes of $41,500 (12% less than the overall labour force).
  • In Saskatchewan, the average employment income of artists is $22,800, compared with $43,700 for the overall labour force, a difference of 48%. Cultural workers’ average earnings ($37,900) are 13% lower than the average earnings of the overall labour force ($43,700).