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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-Four

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Words, Rhythm, and Social Change When the beat of hip-hop converge with the power of literature, transformation beckons.  Khodi  Dill, is an educator and author whose narrative speaks volumes about the role of the arts in societal change. For…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-three

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The Art of Sound Have you ever paused to consider the symphony of sounds that paint the canvas of our daily lives? This episode invites sound artist Dominique Ferraton to share her  transition from the hustle of Montreal to Gravelbourg,…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-two

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Exceeding your Endeavours When Roberta Cross steps into the room, you know that the conversation is about to take an enlightening turn. Her journey from the world of international diplomacy to reshaping the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance has…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty-one

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Honouring the Past and Cultivating Inclusivity in the Arts with Floyd Favel Floyd Favel, is a culture worker from the Poundmaker Cree Nation, whose expertise in the arts is as profound as the heritage he carries. Floyd takes us on a journey…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Twenty

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The Two-Spirit Journey of Alejandro Romero When Alejandro Romero left his medical studies for the unpredictable world of art, he set in motion a compelling  life story. Our latest podcast episode invites you into an intimate conversation…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Nineteen

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Being Nathan Nathan Coppens is a remarkable artist living with ADHD. His play "I Have No Idea" is more than just a stage production; it's a window into the nuanced world of neurodiversity, emphasizing the power of empathy and the strength…
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Arts Everywhere: Episode Eighteen

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Statistically Speaking Meet  Ariana Malthaner, the research lead with the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance.  Ariana, unveils how her path led her from the intricacies of Old Irish linguistics to becoming a formidable advocate for the arts in…

Arts Everywhere: Episode Seventeen

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Don’t forget the joy Tia Furstenberg is a South African transplant making waves in the Canadian prairies with her art studio and her commitment to nurturing local talent in Prince Albert, Tia shares  her initial steps into the world…