Sask Artist Registry

If you are an artist – avocational or professional – living in Saskatchewan, we invite you to sign up for the Artist Registry and help us with understanding the size and makeup of our arts community as well as other as well as other questions we may have about our arts community.

The registry will be kept confidential, and people in the registry will be contacted only for the purpose of undertaking research relating to Saskatchewan’s arts and cultural community. You may sign up to receive the regular SAA Bulletin which provides news and resources for people in the arts community or you may also choose for us to contact you only when we are looking for people interested in participating in research.

We are the only organization in Saskatchewan devoted to supporting in-depth primary research on our local arts community, so your willingness to participate in this kind of research will strengthen our work—and the arts community. By putting your name into this registry you are helping us know how many artists are at work in Saskatchewan and where they are located.

For more information about SAA research projects, please visit our Resources page.