Canadian Media Production Association


The Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) is Canada’s leading trade association for independent producers. We represent almost 400 companies engaged in the production and distribution of English-language television programs, feature films and digital media. Together, the production sector generates over $5.5 billion of activity annually and sustains 128,000 high-quality, full-time jobs.

The CMPA works on behalf of members to promote and stimulate the Canadian production industry. Our goal is to ensure the continued success of Canada’s independent production sector and a future for Canadian content.

On behalf of our members we actively lobby federal and provincial governments on various policy areas including broadcasting, copyright, taxation and trade. We negotiate labour agreements with key unions and guilds and we support producers when dealing with these agreements.

The CMPA manages a number of mentorship programs that partners emerging and mid-level producers with experienced members. Our annual conference, Prime Time in Ottawa, is a leading industry event and brings together participants from every area of the production sector. And together with industry partners we produce Profile, a comprehensive analysis of the Canadian production sector.

With staff expert in a variety of areas, offices in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver and board members representing all provinces, we have the experience and scope necessary to effect change. The CMPA is always working to achieve the goals of the independent Canadian producer.