Copyright Visual Arts / Droit d’auteur arts visuel


Copyright Visual Arts is a not-for-profit copyright management society providing Author’s Rights administration for professional Canadian and Québécois visual and media artists. It provides Users with a comprehensive access to the artworks and professional services of its members. Its corporate name is Canadian Artists’ Representation Copyright Collective and it operates under the business names Copyright Visual Arts and Droit d’auteur Arts visuels.

Copyright Visual Arts represents nearly one thousand visual and media Artists. More and more artists are becoming members of Copyright Visual Arts because they understand that the best way to increase the level of payments of copyright royalties for the use of their art works is to gather within a copyright management society such as Copyright Visual Arts.

Copyright Visual Arts responds to a shifting Art economy in the digital age by providing effective tools to enable visual and media artists to achieve sustainable careers. Copyright Visual Arts facilitates broad access to the finest works by Canadian and Québecois artists through simple and effective online or person-to-person licensing.

Brief History:

In 2014 CARCC restructured as a not for profit copyright management society which now operates under the business name Copyright Visual Arts – Droits d’auteur Arts Visuels. CARCC, was founded by CARFAC in 1990 to assist artists in administering their copyrights. In 2015 RAAV became a partner in the governance of the society. Both artists associations and their copyright society work together to improve socio-economic conditions of artists through the fair payment of royalties for the uses of their artworks.