SAA Bulletin – June 2018


In this issue…

  • 2018 Arts Congress: Making Art in Dangerous
  • Read this Month’s Op-Ed: Guaranteed Annual Income for Artists? For All?
  • Check out SAA’s Art Works Article
  • SAA at ANSER
  • Things we’ve been Reading…
  • CHRC’s Leadership program: T2L “Talent to Lead” launches Third Year
  • Job Opportunities
  • SAA Board of Directors 

2018 Arts Congress: Making Art in Dangerous Times

This year’s Arts Congress featured over 100 delegates and presenters. The two day event inspired engaging dialogue between artists, arts administrators, researchers, and more. The connecting theme throughout the Congress was that of Reconciliation and Decolonialization. To read a brief summary of the event, click here.

Read this Month’s Op-Ed: Guaranteed Annual Income for Artists? For All?

Check out this month’s Op-Ed by Brenda Niskala on the importance of guaranteed annual income not only for artists but everyone. Read it here.

Check out SAA’s Art Works Article

Each month SAA posts an Art Works article highlighting an arts organization making a positive impact in its community. The latest article features New Dance Horizons’ Pelican Project. Read it here.


SAA took part in the Association for Nonprofit and Social Economy Research (ANSER)’s annual conference (part of Congress of the Humanities 2018). Our panel session discussed a case study of how a successful community-university research partnership, informed by an ecological approach, can enhance an understanding of the relationships, networks and systems of exchange that compose the social economy.

The session included: SAA Director Marnie Gladwell, Research Officer Ian McWilliams, Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR) researcher Sam Hage, as well as Trifecta’s Joshua Gonzales and Marvin Chan.

Things we’ve been Reading…

While researching at the SAA, we discover a lot of interesting information and we like to share some of it with you. For example…

This month, a selection of readings on Creative Place making from via the Cultural Research Network (CRN), a community of practice for arts and culture researchers. Find out more here.

Tom Andrews, Catherine Bunting, Tina Corri, and Sarah Fox. People United. “Changing the World through Arts and Kindness.” 2017. United Kingdom.

People United is a creative laboratory and arts charity. In this report, People United explores how the arts can inspire kindness, community and social change. The report brings together 10 years of research to show that the arts can play a role in building a kinder, more caring society.

Anita McKeown. Seismopolitie Journal of Art and Politics. “Creative Placemaking: How to embed Arts-led processes within cultural regeneration?” 2016. Norway.

Trialled in London, Ireland and the U.S.A. by an itinerant artist-in-residence, this summary outlines the emergence of creative placemaking and the aims of ASU’s research; to enshrine the dynamic, emergent and ethical qualities of permaculture design within a Situated Arts Practice to contribute to the on-going evolution of creative placemaking.

CHRC’s Leadership program: T2L “Talent to Lead” launches Third Year

CHRC is pleased to announce that its Talent to Lead (T2L) program has received support from Department of Canadian Heritage and the Metcalf Foundation for a 3rd year. T2L will focus on selecting 20 cultural managers from indigenous, culturally diverse and minority language communities across Canada to participate in the program. Talent to Lead (T2L) is designed for mid-career cultural managers seeking to take their careers to the next level of leadership. For more information on this program, click here.

Job Opportunities

  • Canadian Heritage | Senior Program Manager | Deadline:  June 28 | Details
  • Persephone Theatre | Head of Wardrobe |Deadline: June 30 | Details
  • Mackenzie Art Gallery | Director of Programs | Deadline:  July 6 | Details
  • Common Weal Community Arts | Communications and Development Coordinator | July 13 | Details
  • SK Choral Federation | Executive Director | Deadline: July 15 | Details

SAA Board of Directors 

Kathryn Ricketts– President

James Hodges – Vice President

Risa Payant – Treasurer

Daniel Parr – Secretary

Kelley Jo Burke – Past President

Mary Blackstone – Member at Large

Karen Reynaud – Member at Large

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance is a non-profit coalition of arts organizations that provides a collective voice for the arts in Saskatchewan. Formally established in 1986, SAA advocates on issues such as public funding of the arts, freedom of expression and artists’ working conditions.