Join Us! SAA AGM & Proposed Bylaw Amendments

A laptop computer with a view of a Zoom meeting on the screen. There is a structure projected on a screen beyond the computer. There is a white and red polk a dot pitched with with tulips in it to the left of the computer and a white mug with a motivational phrase written on it in black sitting on the laptop.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA) will be held online on September 27, 2023, from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm! If you have not yet registered, there are two ways to register for this event: by registering online or you can RSVP to One major agenda item for this year’s AGM will be the proposed bylaw amendments.

In February 2023, the SAA Board of Directors met to review and modernize the organization’s bylaws. The current bylaws were last reviewed over 20 years ago. There are several amendments that are being put forward at the September 2023 AGM; they are focused on the following areas:

  • Making changes to simplify language, making our bylaws easier to understand and updating language to be more inclusive and gender-neutral.
  • Refining our aims and objectives and shifting responsibilities for managing operational tasks from the board to SAA Staff.
  • Clarifying who can serve as a director and simply defining how board terms work.
  • Eliminating the Executive (President, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and implementing two new positions, Board Liason and Financial Liason.
  • Defining the duties of the Board of Directors
  • Ensuring intersectional representation on the Board. The Board will endeavour to have 50% intersectional representation among the Directors. This includes Directors who self-identify as Indigenous persons, members of Racialized groups, Persons with a Disability, LGBTQIA2s+ persons, newcomers, youths, and elders. This also includes Directors who represent: diverse organizations (for example, grassroots as well as incorporated non-profits); individual artists and their media of practice; a variety of organizations (based on staff or budget sizes), and geographic locations, including urban and rural-based people. Board members are invited to bring their lived experience and not represent the entirety of any group.

You can review the SAA’s current bylaws and the proposed bylaw amendments. You can view a video walk-through of the proposed bylaw amendments here.

You can also access the minutes of the previous September 14, 2022, AGM and the Audited 2022-23 Financial Statements for review in advance of the AGM.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following folks in advance of the AGM:

AGM Documents & Resources

2023 Agenda

2023 SAA Nominations Slate

2022-23 Annual Report

2022 AGM Minutes