2010 Arts Congress

Professional Artist Travel Bursary

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance has a limited number of travel bursaries available to professional artists on a first-come first-served basis.

Artists who are professional are eligible for travel bursaries to assist in out-of town travel costs associated with attending the 2010 Arts Congress. Professional artists are those who meet the criteria as set out in the Report of the Minister?s Advisory Committee on the Status of the Artist and described below. Maximum bursary limits are 1) up to 300 km from Saskatoon — $100.00 and 2) over 300 km from Saskatoon — $150.00.

To apply for a bursary, please send a letter stating how you quality as a professional artist. Successful applicants will receive their travel bursaries on completion of an expense claim form at the Arts Congress.

For further information, please contact the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance at 780-9820 (Regina) or info@artsalliance.sk.ca.

Professional Artist Criteria

(From Status of the Artist Report)

A person may be determined to be an artist through a combination of four of the following criteria, one of which must be (a), (b), or (c):

  1. an artist receives or has received, compensation from his/her work including, but not limited to, sales, fees, commissions, salaries, royalties, residuals, grants and awards, any of which may reasonably be included as professional or business income;
  2. an artist has a record of income or loss relevant to the history of his/her work and appropriate to the span of her/his career;
  3. an artist has received public or peer recognition in the form of honors, awards, professional prizes, scholarships, honorable mention, an appointment to an adjudication committee or an invitation to participate in a group exhibition or performance or by publicly disseminated critical appraisal or by any other similar means;
  4. an artist has presented her/his work to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, performances, reading screenings or by any other means appropriate to the nature of her/his work;
  5. an artist is represented by a dealer, publisher, agent or similar representative appropriate to the nature of her/his work;
  6. an artist devotes a reasonable proportion of his/her professional time to promoting or marketing her/his work, including, but not limited to, attending auditions, seeking sponsorship, agents, or engagements and similar activities appropriate to the nature of her/his work;
  7. an artist has received professional training either in an educational institution or from a practitioner or teacher recognized within her/his profession;
  8. an artist has membership in a professional association appropriate to her/his artistic activity whose membership or categories of membership is or are, limited under standards established by the association; or which is a trade union or its equivalent appropriate to her/his artistic activity;
  9. an artist holds copyright in her/his own work and has received royalty or residual payment based on that copyright.