SAA Bulletin – March 2010

March 24, 2010 (updated March 25, 2010)

2010 ? 2011 Provincial Budget

Honourable Rod Gantefoer, Minister of Finance, delivered the 2010 ? 2011 provincial budget today. Overall spending in the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport is down $20.5 million dollars.

Of note, Government is “winding down Saskatchewan Communications Network Corporation (SCN), but will maintain many of its important services in a more effective manner” which will mean a savings of $2.4 million in the 10-11 budget year with anticipated annualized savings closer to $5 million. See the Government news release at

Funding for the Saskatchewan Arts Board and SaskFilm remains the same as last year’s levels. This is also true for most heritage third-party funding. The reduction in Active Families Benefit more accurately reflects the uptake of this program.

Support for Provincial Arts and Cultural Organizations includes Culture on the Go, and the Creative Industry Growth and Sustainability Program; no other new programs have been announced. The Building Pride program, which was under this line item, is now under the Communities Initiatives Fund line.

A new program – The Community Vitality Program ? will run over the next three years, funded through the Community Initiatives Fund. The program is “designed to enhance the culture and quality, accessibility and use of facilities in communities across the province. The Program also encourages volunteerism and community involvement; engages Aboriginal and young people as leaders in community activities; and improves access and inclusion for those who experience barriers to community involvement.” More details on this new program are to be available over the coming weeks.

The formation of the Saskatchewan Capital Commission is the first step in the implementation of the recently announced Cultural Policy. The Commission “supports initiatives that enhance the awareness and understanding of Saskatchewan’s diverse culture and heritage and provides for the operation and development of facilities for the purpose of advocating pride in the Capital and the Province.

Following are excerpts from the Tourism, Parks, Culture, and Sport Estimates. Links to budget documents can be found at

Arts Related Estimates with Comparison to 2009-10 Estimates (in thousands of dollars)
Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Estimates 2010-11 2009-10
Culture Operations Support 984

Saskatchewan Arts Board 6,338

Support for Prov. Arts and Cultural Organizations 2,470

SaskFILM 1,083

Film Employment Tax Credit 8,200

*Conexus Arts Centre 446
Active Families Benefit 11,200

Heritage Operations Support 899

Royal Saskatchewan Museum 1,983

Western Development Museum 3,999

Wanuskewin Heritage Park 602

Saskatchewan Science Centre 578

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation 289

*Saskatchewan Archives Board 4,167
Community Initiatives Fund 9,427

Saskatchewan Communications Network 3,830

Building Communities Fund 13,731

* The 2010-2011 Conexus Arts Centre and Saskatchewan Archives Board budgets are now included in the Capital Commission allocation.