Pivot Online – toolkit for artists and nonprofit organizations


Amongst the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic came many phenomenal examples and insights for how artists and nonprofit organizations can pivot their work online. Albertans and organizations have integrated changes to how we work, collaborate, learn, and shop as a new norm. Technical and digital engagement will continue to be seen as complementary to in-person experiences and some organizations continue to deliver certain services online and in a different way. This toolkit captures and shares the insights learned from artists and organizations who have pivoted their work online, and provides information, resources, and inspiration to help artists and nonprofit organizations pivot some, or all, of their operations online.

This toolkit has three main sections: 1. The first section introduces some different approaches that artists and nonprofit organizations have used to pivot their work online. This includes how to ramp up social media, live stream, sell your products online, and work online. 2. The second section provides a list of resources available to support individuals and organizations as they move online. 3. The final section provides real-world examples of how individuals and organizations have adapted their work online or otherwise continued programming for their clients remotely.

Intended Audience

The majority of the information in Part 1 of this toolkit is relevant for all audiences seeking basic information on how to work online. However, the primary audience of this toolkit is artists and arts organizations. The majority of examples and references are targeted at artists. The secondary audience is the broader nonprofit sector, and several references and resources have been included for the nonprofit sector in Part 2 and 3.