Akimbo – online visual arts


Canada’s Online Source for Visual Art Information.

Akimbo is a Toronto-based company that promotes contemporary visual art, video, new media and film locally, nationally and internationally via the internet. Established in November 1999, Akimbo has built a large and dedicated subscriber and reader base of Canadian and international visual arts professionals along with a client base of hundreds of the country’s most important galleries, museums, art institutions, and media, film and video festivals.

Akimbo is focused and selective about the information we distribute. Readers get the most up-to-date information about exhibitions, publications, performances, screenings, lectures, launches, calls for submissions, and jobs related and relevant to visual culture in Canada. Akimbo clients get better media coverage, more filled seats, and bigger attendance numbers.

Akimbo Stats:

  • Akimbo has an opt-in subscriber base of more than 8,550 people.
  • Every month akimbo.ca receives over 2 million page views, and 75,800 unique visitors.
  • Our site visitors come from Canada, the US, Germany, the UK, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, and many more countries.
  • Akimbo RSS feeds get 50,750 reads per month
  • Akimbo Calendar items get 101,750 downloads per month.
  • The Akimbo iPhone App provides event and exhibition information to 1,995 people
  • Akimbo has a loyal and steadily growing number of over 8,000 followers on Facebook, Twitterand Instagram.
  • Our subscriber demographics consist of individuals (40%), galleries (15%), media (10%), educators (8%), magazines (7%), critics and curators (6%), film and video organizations and distributors (5%), art organizations and councils (5%), design and architecture firms (4%).

Akimblog is an independent publishing arm of Akimbo that features art writers from across Canada and points in the US, Europe, and Asia. Akimblog gets 40,300 page views per month.