SAA Bulletin – October 2012

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Provincial Government’s Plan for Growth Oct.25/12

October 25th, 2012

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  • Provincial Government’s Plan for Growth
  • Saskatchewan Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond

Earlier today, Lieutenant Governor Vaughn Solomon Schofield delivered the 2012 Speech from the Throne. Similar to the commitments made in Saskatchewan Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond, which the Provincial Government released last week, the Government promised it will “continue to support arts and culture.”

The Speech from the Throne highlighted the consultations on the creative industries currently underway that will “lead to a long-term strategy to advance the commercial objectives of creative industries.” According to the Speech, major events will be supported and 2013 will be the “Year of Music” with the Juno Awards a highpoint. As well, the Speech notes that “from 2007 to 2011, funding for arts and culture increased 35%, compared to the previous four years.

Saskatchewan Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond, released last week, outlines the Saskatchewan Government’s vision for the province. A plan for economic growth, Vision 2020 has a goal of 1.2 million people living in Saskatchewan by 2020. The Plan emphasizes that the “purpose of growth is to secure a better quality of life for all Saskatchewan people” and that continued growth would mean opportunities for Saskatchewan residents to “enjoy and participate in a broad and diverse range of cultural, recreation and sport activities our province has to offer, from music festivals, live theatre and art galleries to amateur sport and fishing Saskatchewan’s pristine lakes.”

Within the plan, the Government commits to continuing its support of activities that contribute to vibrant and active communities and points to the Active Families Benefit and Community Rink Affordability Grant as new initiatives that “assist families to participate in sports and recreation opportunities in communities throughout the province.” The Government also promises that, with continued growth, it will “invest in further measures to allow more people to enjoy the Saskatchewan experience.”

Posted October 25, 2012