News Release

SAA Meets with Community, Introduces New Board of Directors

The Saskatchewan arts community came together on Saturday, September 24th, in a productive meeting with the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA). Issues around arts funding, advancing technology, arts data, and advocacy were discussed.

SAA is pleased to introduce its 2016/2017 Board of Directors.

Kelley Jo Burke, an award-winning playwright, director, storyteller, CBC documentarian and broadcaster, remains as President: “I am delighted to stand for another year as SAA's president. What a treat it is to work with brilliant, committed, relentless people who simply know that art is the breath of life for our province, country, world. That includes this year's wonderful board, our staff, and our colleagues working in arts and culture throughout Saskatchewan and the country. At a time when we are facing huge change in how our economy works, what it is dependent on, and what it will have to become, I am reassured that there is  a coterie of dedicated people, who understand that the innovation and creativity needed to weather economic change comes from having a healthy, productive creative class. And those people are prepared to give their time and talents to making sure that we continue to have one.”

Directors newly elected to the Board are Joel Bernbaum, actor, director, educator, journalist, playwright, and the founding artistic director of Sum Theatre; Leesa Streifler, multi-disciplinary artist and art professor.

Remaining on the Board are President Kelley Jo Burke; James Hodges, President of Roadside Attractions Inc., and independent producer of theatre, dance and music; SaskMusic’s Kaelen Klypak, musician, manager, production manager, promoter, and music publisher; Vice President Marcus Miller, curator, writer and Director of the Snelgrove Gallery; Treasurer Yvette Nolan, playwright, dramaturge and director; and Dr. Kathryn Ricketts, dance artist, educator, and Assistant Professor in Arts Education at the University of Regina.

SAA would like to thank departing board members Kent Allan, nationally-known actor, director and fight choreographer; Shelley Ewing, professional musician; and Tarin Hughes, educator, community curator, and Executive Director of AKA Artist-Run.