How is the World Different because your organization exists? – Sâkêwêwak Artists’ Collective Inc.

Adam Martin, Executive Director Sâkêwêwak, bravely answered SAA’s question “How is the World Different because your organization exists?” He noted:

Sâkêwêwak offers:

  • Opportunity to Indigenous artists
  • Gallery/workshop space
  • Helps partners ensure inclusion of Indigenous artists in a variety of programs
  • Advocacy for indigenous arts issues

We are a multidisciplinary organization
Our annual storytellers Festival began in 2000.

  • It’s every February
  • Highlights traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts.
  •  Storytellers 2015 featured over 40 indigenous artists in 11 events over 6 days.
  • Approximately 700 people attended, all events were free and open to the public.

Saskatchewan is becoming a place for indigenous artists to meet and discuss theory, issues and best practices in Indigenous arts presentation. Sâkêwêwak has supported their efforts, i.e.:

  • Stronger Than Stone (2014);
  • Tribes 20th Anniversary & Symposium (2015);
  • Moving Foreward, Never Fogetting (2015);
  • CARFAC Aboriginal Artists Symposium (2014);
  • Sâkêwêwak’s Indigenous Artists’ Symposium: Education & Activism Through the Arts (Feb. 2016).