Details of the Saskatchewan Budget Update

2016-17 Mid-Year Report

Saskatchewan Budget Update:


Details of the Saskatchewan Budget Update, 2016-17 Mid-Year Report.


As part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s announced “$217 million of in-year restraint measures and savings” Parks Culture and Sport (PCS) will receive a cut of $4.7M.

This includes $2 million in cuts to arts, culture, sports grants are broken down as:

  • $200,000 from the suspension of granting through the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation
  • $800,000 from reductions to Heritage and Culture grants, of which
    • $400,000 from Culture on the Go program (impacting both Creative Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Arts Board)
  • $1 million decrease to various arts and culture organizations
    • $350,000 Arts Board
    • $400,000 Creative Saskatchewan
    • $200,000 Western Development Museum
    • $25,000 Wanuskewin
    • $25,000 Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • Administrative savings within the ministry are $250,000.

PCS cuts also include:

  • $1.67 million as a result of the suspension of the Community Rink Affordability Grant program.
  • $776,000 in reduced operating subsidy for provincial parks.

It was also stated that a provincial “hiring freeze has been implemented with only hiring for positions considered essential.  The government is also committed to holding the line on labour costs across all sectors of the public service.”


Government Restraint Measures press release/info at: Restraint Measures.

For more information on PCS cuts, contact: 

Jennifer Johnson

Parks Culture and Sport




Other cuts of note include:

Advanced Education: $11.7M

  • $9.3 million in reduced grants to post-secondary institutions (University of Saskatchewan $5 million, University of Regina $1.7 million, Saskatchewan Polytechnic $1.8 million, all other post-secondary institutions $800,000)
  • $1.5 million in preventative maintenance and renewal funding that had not yet been allocated.
  • $400,000 in reductions in discretionary post-secondary projects and reviews and $500,000 in administrative savings within the Ministry.

Education: $8.7M

  • $3.7 million in savings as a result of Education Property Tax reconciliations.
  • Administrative savings within the ministry are $5 million including staffing restrictions, contractual savings, IT deferrals, travel restraint and other operational savings.

List of Cuts, by ministry:

  • Advanced Education: $11.7M
  • Economy: $8.3M
  • Education: $8.7M
  • Health: $63.9M
  • Highways and Infrastructure: $10.4M
  • Justice: $10.1M
  • Parks, Culture and Sport: $4.7M
  • Social Services: $9.2M
  • Crown Corporations: $50M
  • Remaining Government ministries and agencies $40M