SAA Bulletin – January 2005

January 2005

Happy New Year!

In this issue?

    2005 Arts Congress

    SAB Individual Assistance Advisory Panel Report

    From Art to Action: Moving Forward on Status of the Artist

    CCA Fair Tax Treatment Campaign ? the Regina ?Manifesto?

    Provincial Status of the Artist: MACSA Final Report

    SAA Board of Directors


The 2005 Arts Congress will be held in Regina on May 6th and 7th. The Congress Organizing Committee is beginning to plan the event. SAA Board members who sit on the committee are Andrew North, Don Kerr, Christie Saas and Marnie Gladwell. If you have suggestions for the Congress, please contact the SAA.


Saskatchewan Arts Board released the Report of the Individual Assistance Advisory Panel and is seeking written feedback by February 28, 2005. The report is available online at or by contacting the SAB at 1-800-667-7526 or 787-4056. Send your feedback by email to or by post to 2135 Broad Street, Regina, SK, S4P 3V7. SAB Board of Directors will review the report and make decisions on each recommendation. Some changes may be made in time for the fall grant run.


Canadian Conference of the Arts, in partnership with the Sask. Arts Alliance held its national policy conference in Regina on November 19 and 20, 2004. Over the two days, delegates examined the existing federal status of the artist legislation, and discussed future direction both provincially and federally. Conclusions from the workshops held during the conference and which CCA will develop into a work plan included 1) need for a national council on Status of the Artist, 2) legislative amendments to Parts I and II of the Act, 3) development of provincial SofA legislation, 4) CCA support for a major national meeting to discuss the formation of a national alliance to be held by the Aboriginal arts community.

Interwoven through the conference was an artistic component, presented by the SAA in collaboration with the City of Regina through the Cultural Capitals of Canada. Described by some as ?the best part?, artists responded to status of the artist issues through their own work. Artists involved were Donna Kriekle, Icicle (I ?cycle); John Noestheden, Speaking Infinity; Nicolle Nugent and Sylvia Ziemann, Artist Trading Cards; Michele Sereda, Plato Shorts; Don Stein, ?Status * Artist?; and Lynne Acoose and Elwood Jimmy, Exempt.


During the national conference, CCA launched a campaign for fair tax treatment for artists. Delegates were invited to sign a one pager, now called the ?Regina manifesto?, which aims to resolve tax issues by:

1. Ensuring that:

  • all professional artists will be presumed to be self-employed for purposes of their artistic activity
  • artists and the organizations which engage them will be free to negotiate a contract of service (employer-employee relationship) if they explicitly agree

2. Having a community-agreed test of ?professionalism? replace the ?reasonable expectation of profit? test now in use.

The Regina manifesto is available on the CCA website CCA invites all those interested in assisting with this issue, to sign on. You can do this by printing the petition from the website, signing it, and faxing, mailing or emailing it back to CCA.


Minister Joan Beatty released the Final Report of the Minister?s Advisory Committee on Status of the Artist (MACSA) at a breakfast meeting of delegates attending the Canadian Conference of the Arts national policy conference. A copy of the report can be found at

While Government did not issue a written response to the Final Report, Angie Gelinas, CYR Deputy Minister, spoke to Government?s commitment to implement the report recommendations. She noted recommendations already implemented or beginning to be implemented:

  • Government has incorporated in its communication procurement policy the collective agreements of ACTRA, DGC, IATSE and AF of M.
  • Regarding the need for more information on occupational health and safety issues, government has a website that has considerable information on this issue for artists and is committed to adding to the resources available on the website. Government also committed to provide a printed information guide for artists.
  • Government is committed to amending the Status of the Artist Act to reflect the revised definition of professional artist, and to establish a permanent committee, once the terms of reference for it are developed. Meantime, the current MACSA will be immediately reappointed.
  • CYR has begun to work with other departments and agencies to ensure that they are aware of the implications of status, and will contract with an arts organization to develop an information guide for artists.
  • Government is committed to develop formal written procurement protocols and guidelines for its departments, agencies and crowns, and will examine a ?Saskatchewan First Policy? and a policy to set aside money for art purchases as part of construction or refurbishment of government buildings.
  • CYR will ensure that recommendations around tax are considered as part of the work at a number of federal/provincial/territorial tables.
  • Government has begun delivering on its commitment to increase funding to the Sask. Arts Board.

Government indicated interest in working further with MACSA on some recommendations such as an inventory of training opportunities and voluntary collective agreements. Government rejected the recommendation for Labour Standards Branch to enforce individual engagement contracts as the Branch?s mandate does not include individual engagement contracts. Government also rejected the recommendation to extend contribution limits to the Saskatchewan Pension Plan due to limitations set by the federal government. CYR will analyze other possibilities for provision of pension benefits.

Saskatchewan Arts Alliance wrote to Minister Beatty in response to her government?s position on MACSA recommendations. A copy of the letter is on our website

If you have comments regarding the MACSA final report, please call the SAA.


Skip Kutz, President

Kim Houghtaling, Vice-President

Jill Reid, Secretary

Marnie Badham, Treasurer

Lori Green, Past President

Robin Brass

Cynthia Dyck

Don Kerr

Andrew North

Christie Saas

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