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June 2005

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Please note that the SAA office will be closed from July 11th to August 5th.


SAA holds its Annual General Meeting and Community Forum on Saturday, September 24th, 2005 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm in Saskatoon. Join your fellow colleagues and the SAA Board to discuss current issues and help shape future initiatives.

The 2006 Arts Congress will be held on Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th in Saskatoon.


The 2005 Arts Congress was held on May 6th and 7th in Regina. Stimulating discussion, interesting speakers, a sense of shared experience, and great food were some of the comments of Congress delegates. Highlights of the Congress included keynote speaker Gérard Masse, conversations with Hon. Eric Cline and Culture, Youth and Recreation Deputy Minister Barbara MacLean, a panel discussing Bread and Butter issues for artists, luncheon speaker Lyndon Tootoosis, and the ever popular Stories from the Art. We were especially honoured to have Lieutenant Governor, Her Honour Dr. Lynda M. Haverstock address Congress delegates and host an evening reception.

Regina writer, Dave Margoshes reflects on the Congress in an article he has written and can be found on the SAA website at Arts Congress.


SAA is preparing brief articles (about 500 words each) to inform artists about various matters related to status of the artist. We ask organizations to help by distributing the articles through their member communications. The first two articles available give general information on the topic. Status of the Artist ? Where Are We? is an up date on recent developments and SAA?s position. Saskatchewan Status Act? examines the 2002 Status of the Artist Act, what it does and its practical importance for artists. Expect upcoming articles on areas such as taxation, procurement, occupational health and safety, and workers compensation. The articles can be found on the SAA website or for an electronic copy contact the SAA office.


SAA has launched a campaign seeking Government procurement policy for the arts sector that reflects the principles of fairness, accessibility, consistency and transparency. The Saskatchewan Government, its Crowns and agencies commission, contract and purchase the work of artists, producers and creators. The work is procured. It is proposed that the arts and production community in Saskatchewan work in cooperation to seek Government policy that reflects fair guidelines for public procurement policy. SAA appeals to its members and other partners to endorse the general principles and objectives. By declaring official support you will increase the impact of SAA representations on these issues. If in agreement, please sign the form found on the SAA website at us in or by contacting the office. Return the completed form to the SAA.


In 2004, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance conducted a project to research the service relationship between arts and business. The project resulted in Business and the Arts: Service Relationship Indicators Final Report. To augment the final report, six case studies were written to illustrate a number of concepts and principles described in the report. In this Bulletin, we present Case Study #2: Ness Creek Music Festival, Study #2, which reinforces the concept of cultural activity adding to quality of life and contributing to increased tourism.

For a copy of the Business and the Arts Final Report, contact the SAA. An Executive Summary of the report is available on the SAA website at Business and the Arts Final Report.


Please contact the SAA if you are interested in purchasing any of the following items. Prices are negotiable.

TTX-7555E 15? colour monitor

GE digital telephone answerer

GE telephone answering machine

HP Scanjet 3200C ? for parts as it doesn?t work


SaskCulture is seeking nominations for its Board of Directors and Cultural Advisory Committee (CAC). As the Community of Interest for arts, SAA sits on the SaskCulture Nomination Committee. If you have suggestions for people who would make good board or CAC members, please forward their names to the SAA.


Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA) announced its new Board of Governors. Saskatchewan?s own Sheila Roberts is one of the newly- elected members. Sheila is a cultural policy consultant, analyst and researcher and is a recognized Canadian authority on ?Status of the Artist? issues. For several years she has provided her research services to the SAA. In other CCA news, National Director, Jean Malavoy announced his departure and now a search for a new Director is underway. The job posting can be found at Application deadline is 5 pm, August 19, 2005.

Saskatchewan Party MLA, June Draude adds the position of Culture, Youth and Recreation critic to her official opposition critic areas. Ms. Draude also holds the critic positions of First Nations and Métis Relations, and Provincial Secretary.

Magnas Theatre announced, ?that the outstanding independent contractor status issues with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) have been resolved. The CRA informed Magnus Theatre that actors and other cultural professionals, in providing their services to the theatre, are independent contractors rather than employees of the theatre. In 2004, the CRA ruled that artists engaged at Magnus Theatre during the 2002-2004 taxation years were deemed to be employees, which resulted in a reassessment of approximately $35,000 in withholdings and remittances. This recent resolution by the CRA positively affects the Theatre and the performing arts community across the country in many ways, including reinforcing the legal status of artists.?


Skip Kutz, President

Kim Houghtaling, Vice-President

Jill Reid, Secretary

Marnie Badham, Treasurer

Lori Green, Past President

Robin Brass

Cynthia Dyck

Don Kerr

Andrew North

Christie Saas

Sask. Arts Alliance is supported by its members, and SaskCulture, Sask Lotteries, and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.