A selection of facts about the arts and culture sector.

Source: Profile of Selected Culture, Sport and Recreation Activity in Saskatchewan. (October 1998)

Ours is one of the most productive sectors of the provincial economy, its direct impact in Saskatchewan is over $450 million or 2.3% of the Saskatchewan GDP. The direct and indirect economic impact on GDP was over $650 million in 1994/95.

In 1994/95, our sector accounted for 4% of the jobs in our province, over 18,000 jobs. With jobs created indirectly added, this number rises to over 26,000.

Saskatchewan's culture sector employment is growing. Between 1990 and 1996, employment in our sector increased by 3% compared with a total employment growth of 0.6%.

The culture labour force is a highly educated. 45% of cultural workers hold university degrees, compared with 17% of the total labour force. Nearly three-quarters of our creative and technical talents have post secondary education. The culture labour force is a model for the workforce of the future: selfemployed, highly skilled, highly motivated – a force to be reckoned with.

Our sector is deeply involved with the general public. We employ 100,000 workers and volunteers. Many many more people attend arts events. For example, in 1994/95, 234,000 people attended performances by Saskatchewan's performing arts companies. The number is many times higher when visits to the galleries and other arts and cultural events are included.