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General Principles and Objectives

The Saskatchewan Government, its Crowns and agencies commission, contract and purchase the work of artists, producers and creators. The work is procured. It is proposed that the arts and production community in Saskatchewan work in cooperation to seek Government policy that reflects the following guidelines for public procurement policy.

Principles of government procurement policy should reflect fairness, accessibility, consistency and transparency.

Principles and objectives:

  1. Saskatchewan first policy:

    Government policy should encourage and support engagement of Saskatchewan based talent ? artists, producers, creators ? through expenditure in province and development and retention of talent. Such a policy must be enforced with consistent application.

    This is in concert with stated government policy and objectives and directly retains work in the province; government practice should be equally in concert and consistent with its stated principles and objectives.

  2. Copyright:

    Saskatchewan?s copyright policy should be based on negotiated terms, (use must also be negotiated); moral rights must not be assumed but negotiated by transference or waiver. The objective of this policy is to establish equal and fair treatment and access for all.

  3. Rates / fees /use:

    There should be a fair and level playing field for contractors, producers and creators. Therefore government policy should require that minimum negotiated rates in established agreements and / or protocols, including industry standards and conditions, be adhered to. This provision would conform to the terms of the Saskatchewan Status of the Artist Act (2002).

    This will provide that all procurement processes begin at a base level, while allowing for higher than minimum negotiation, i.e. a level playing field.

  4. Norms, Standards, Professionalism and Quality:

    Industry norms and standards for professionalism and quality will be respected and preferred in awarding contracts, commissions or engaging artists.

    This principle will retain, advance and encourage development of professional creative and producing talent in Saskatchewan while ensuring government of the quality and professionalism of the work provided.

We fully support the General Principles and Objectives. Count us in!

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