From Policy to Action


An action plan by the Arts Community in response to the government’s Pride of Saskatchewan policy document




Pride of Saskatchewan heralds the beginning of an exciting new era for arts development in the province which will be realized when Government takes certain actions. Government's vision that arts and culture is “central to our creativity and identity, essential to our individual and community quality of life and a valued and integral component of a vibrant and growing economy” coupled with its commitment to “look into the future to realize the benefits…” provides us all with an ideal opportunity to act with focused attention to development of the sector. In this spirit, SAA proposes an action plan that will lead to the implementation of the policy goals. It builds on the substantial progress and achievements of the government and arts sector, and contains basic strategic steps that, if taken over the next three years, to 2014, will bring Saskatchewan a long way to meeting its vision.

(from page 3, From Policy to Action: A proposal for the arts sector)