Political Parties Respond to Arts Sector Questionnaire

SAA Bulletin – October 2003

The arts and culture sector makes an indispensable contribution to our province. So, the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance asked our provincial political party leaders to articulate their position and measures they plan to establish to support the arts and culture sector. If support of the arts is one of your interests in the upcoming election, you might want to consider each party?s current election platforms as well as positions they have taken on the arts in the past.

Of the registered provincial political parties written to, three responded to the questionnaire and the Saskatchewan Liberal Party provided its ?Arts and Culture Platform Policy?.

The Liberal Party Platform Policy states support for funding arts and culture through lottery and gaming profits, and supports some aspects of the cultural industries.

While giving qualified commitment in some areas, the New Democratic Party supported a pan-departmental cultural policy, increased funding to the Saskatchewan Arts Board and maintaining its arms? length status, maintaining a dedicated government department, and continuing funding of the Cultural Industries Development Council.

The New Green Alliance affirmed support for all questions.

The Saskatchewan Party committed to maintaining the current level of existing funding to arts and gave qualified support in other areas mentioning, in the case of the dedicated government department and status of the artist commission, a need to review based on five criteria: public interest, affordable, accountable, effective delivery, and growing the population.

Highlights of the responses are in the chart below. The Liberal Party responses are derived from its Arts and Culture Platform Policy which can be found at Liberal Arts and Culture Platform Policy. Here is a link to the complete questionnaire and responses, Arts Sector Questionnaire


  Liberal Party (derived from Arts and Culture Platform Policy) New Democratic Party New Green Alliance Saskatchewan Party
1. Amendment to Status of the Artist Act Not referenced in Platform Policy Qualified support upon review Affirms support Qualified support upon review
Formation of a Status of the Artist Commission   Qualified support dependent on Ministerial Advisory Committee identified issues   Qualified support upon review based on 5 criteria
2. A pro-active pan-departmental arts and culture policy Not referenced in Platform Policy Commits support Affirms support Encourages sector to be proactive
3. Saskatchewan Arts Board funding Not referenced in Platform Policy Commits to increase funding by $1.5 million by 2005 Affirms support Will maintain current level of existing funding to arts. Impact of ?Get Sask. Growing? will mean more funding available for programs and services
4. Lottery funding to culture/increased investment Supports this form of funding Supports this form of fundingQualified support for increasing investment Affirms support Supports this form of funding. Qualified support for increasing investment dependent on review
5. Advancement of 1997 Cultural Industries Development Strategy Commits to support Film and Video and new media industry Commits to ongoing funding to Cultural Industries Development Council and to work with community using strategy as framework Affirms support Sask. Party economic growth plan could have positive impact on key strategy elements.
6. Dedicated government department Not referenced in Platform Policy Commits to maintain a separate department Affirms support Would review nature and scope based on 5 criteria.