Call to Action

This is a call to action. We need your support in this critical time when provincial budget decisions are being made.

The provincial budget process is in its final stages where decisions are made about general revenue fund allocations.

This is an important time for all of us to tell our elected officials about the good work we do and the sustaining benefits our arts organizations bring to the quality of life for people in Saskatchewan. It is also important to speak about how additional funding will provide even greater benefits. We should remember that the government sees a vibrant arts community as key to providing the high quality of life that attracts people to our province and is why the Sask. Party promised to maintain funding for provincial arts organizations.

We know you are busy but please act now. The more people our elected officials hear from, the better they will recognize that Saskatchewan people value and support the arts.

  • Write to Premier Brad Wall, Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport, and your MLA. Copy your letter to the Sask. Arts Alliance. See below for contact information.
  • Let them know about the benefits your organization brings to the quality of life for people in Saskatchewan and, more importantly, what additional benefits would come with increased funding. (For ideas see below; select two or three.)
  • Have your Chair or most senior staff person sign the letter.
  • As well, urge your board members to personally contact their MLAs.

    Ways Your Organization Benefits People in Saskatchewan

    When writing to politicians it will be helpful if you can discuss ways your organization benefits Saskatchewan citizens. In no specific order, here are some benefits which may be relevant to your organization depending on its mandate and programs. Also see Arguments for the Arts.

    Social cohesion

    Youth at risk

    Cultural tourism development

    Arts experiences as individual enjoyment and enrichment

    Job creation

    Economic generation

    Business attractor

    Development of community pride and identity

    Sustaining attraction for young people

    Creativity in Learning

    For example, theatres provide arts experiences to communities, enrich the quality of life for residents, position the community as a desirable place for businesses to locate and young people to reside in, and provide work for artists, technicians, administrators, etc. along with spin-off economic benefits. Its programs might be directed to youth at risk or another direction that can easily be linked to improved social and community health. Families, business and professional people want opportunities for participation of family members in arts and cultural programs.

    Public galleries address some if not all of the above attributes but also have a more specific and established educational value and impact on the culture and history of the community and area, for example, small city galleries.

    Contact Information

    Hon. Brad Wall, Premier

    Swift Current Constituency

    233 Central Avenue North

    Swift Current, SK

    S9H 0L3

    Hon. Dustin Duncan, Minister

    Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport

    Weyburn-Big Muddy Constituency

    #35 ? 5th Street NE

    Weyburn, SK

    S4H 0Y9

    Your MLA’s email and constituency address can be found at