Our Research and Reports

Research that is relevant and rigorous is critical for effective decision-making that advances the Saskatchewan arts sector. If the arts and artists in Saskatchewan are to achieve their potential and if we are to develop the policies, programs and resources to make that happen, then fundamental information and evidence specific to our province is needed.

If the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance doesn’t do the primary research to understand our own communities and the role of arts organizations and artists in them no one else will do it for us, answering why research has become increasingly important to SAA’s work.

Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists

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A snapshot of the activities of artists all around Saskatchewan who are practising art today, this collection of 33 stories of more than 40 artists and arts entrepreneurs reveals the profusion of arts and crafts being created all over Saskatchewan.

Status of the Artist: A Progress Review and an Opportunity to Look Forward

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Preface The artist in Saskatchewan, as elsewhere, is the building block upon which rests a huge cultural enterprise. The artist is the single most important player in the enormous cultural sector encompassing the arts, entertainment,…