Writers’ Union of Canada


The Writers’ Union of Canada advocates on behalf of all writers for a stronger literary culture – one that treats artists fairly and with respect, and makes it possible for our nation’s stories to continue to be told.

The Writers’ Union of Canada also offers a range of valuable programs and resources for writers, including:

  • A personal web page that highlights their accomplishments and publications, as well as providing information regarding reading fees and availability. Members can update their pages as often as they want to, and are able to link to their own websites;
  • Access to reading programs, including the National Public Reading Program and theOntario Writers-in-the-Schools program, which allows Canadian writers to meet new and existing readers of their work;
  • Eligibility to participate in a group health benefits plan which includes a drug plan, hospital coverage, out-of-hospital benefits, vision care, hearing benefits, dental care, specialists’ services, and other benefits;
  • Corporate discounts;
  • Opportunity to attend the Union’s Annual General Meeting, where they are able to meet with their peers, discuss issues of common concern, develop Union policy, and attend professional development workshops at the OnWords Conference. A travel subsidy is available for members attending the AGM;
  • Access to the Union’s cross-country Professional Development Workshops;
  • A subscription to the Union’s quarterly magazine, Write, plus access to all Union publications at no charge on such topics as contract negotiation, electronic rights, tax law and procedures, incorporation, literary agents, Canadian publishers, ghost writing, anthology rates, and grants. (These publications are also available to non-members for a fee);
  • Assistance from Union staff with writing contracts, and access to the Union’s Grievance Committee which assists members in resolving professional grievances;
  • Access to regional meetings, socials, and the Union’s online discussion platform.

Past advocacy work by the Union has led to such notable achievements as the establishment of Public Lending Right and Access Copyright, which provide writers with financial compensation for the use of their work by libraries and through electronic reproduction.