Society of Internet Professionals


The Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) is a not-for-profit, membership based organization representing the interest of Internet professionals. Our mission is to uphold professional standards of internet professionals. Since 1997, SIP has spearheaded many initiatives, educational programs and networking events.

The members of SIP are professionals with diverse backgrounds and rich expertise in the Internet community, such as website professionals, programmers, IT people, entrepreneurs, and independent experts working with the Internet.

Since 1997, SIP has spearheaded many initiatives and programs:

  • Symposiums and panel discussions open to public, SIP members (at discounts)and members of other associations.
  • Workshops on key subjects by Industry experts
  • Development of key compencies for various Internet Professional’s roles.
  • Web site Quality Audit Criteria
  • Online members directory
  • SIPpost, newsletter of events and resources
  • Participation at various Trade shows in Canada and USA
  • Professional Code of Ethics
  • To enable professionals involved with the Internet to harness new technologies, embrace opportunities for success and uphold professional standards of internet professionals


  • To create a professional community for collective collaboration.
  • To provide professional code of ethics.
  • To provide a forum for educational and career opportunities

To accelerate career by enhancing professional skills.