Saskatchewan Pension Plan


With the recent increase in our contribution limit (up to $2500 per year), SPP offers you even more benefits, now and when you retire. SPP is a voluntary, money purchase plan for people who want an easy way to accumulate funds for retirement. The Plan is available to people between 18 and 71 years of age. Eligibility is not dependent upon residency or membership in other plans. You must have available RRSP room to make contributions.

Since 1986, SPP has grown to the 27th largest defined contribution plan in Canada with $298 million in assets and 32,000 members. (View rate of return history.)

The Plan is designed for flexibility, so that members can make it fit their situation and budget. SPP is:

  • Voluntary – no obligation to contribute;
  • Flexible – payment at any time during the plan year;
  • Portable – people can join and contribute to the Plan regardless of where they reside; and
  • Professionally managed – The return has averaged 8% since it started in 1986.