Royal Conservatory of Music


The Royal Conservatory is committed to fostering a culture of creativity where the benefits that come from participating in music and the arts are accessible to everyone. With just one visit to The Royal Conservatory you can easily see that the act of learning is truly cyclical; mothers taking their children to Toddler Moves; students from the Young Artists Performance Academy or The Glenn Gould School rehearsing for an upcoming concert; elementary school teachers participating in an Active Math Through Music and Dance workshop; or senior citizens taking a creative writing class. There are unlimited learning opportunities for all ages, abilities, and interests.

The Royal Conservatory is making its mark on the world of neural-cognitive knowledge, often referred to in neuroscience as the study of “mind, brain, and behaviour” with such programs as Smart Start™. The Conservatory is a leading innovator in this regard, revealing the profound impact that music and the arts have on human development, and demonstrating their necessity in fostering a cultured society.

Learning is not limited to our Toronto campus. We are an institution with incredible national reach, impacting the lives of more than half a million Canadians every year. Our Learning Through the Arts® programs are offered in schools across the country, and Royal Conservatory Examinations has over 260 examination centres in Canada, with several now operating in the United States.