PYE – Partners for Youth Empowerment

The Creative Community Model is our complete model and methodology for working with young people. It was created by our co-founders based on years of experience in delivering life changing programs for youth and adults. We’ve used the model in a huge variety of settings and circumstances (we specialise in week-long residential youth camps) and through our trainings, we can teach you the basic principles of the model and help you to understand how to apply it in your own work in order to strengthen your impact.

The model is based on the premise that humans are essentially creative and that we all benefit from genuine and authentic connections with other people – in other words, great communities. We believe that people are more likely to flourish when they feel understood and supported by the community around them, so our model shows people how to set up and sustain a trusting, supportive and judgement free environment where everyone feels safe enough to be themselves.