Photographer Deleted His Social Media with 1.5 Million Followers


“Professional landscape photographer Dave Morrow had thriving social media accounts with over 1.5 million followers. Last year, he decided to delete those accounts and give up his huge followings there. The decision changed his life and photography.”

“A year out, my long-winded conclusion is: that I can’t believe I wasted three, four years of my life posting to social media every day,” Morrow says. “I would highly encourage you, if you’re an artist, if you’re a creative, to shut down all your social media accounts. Turn them off.”

“Devote every single second of that energy to creating that one or two things that you have a long-term vision, and that you love doing consistently. If you do that, I think all that extra time that you devote to your art, your craft, whatever you’re creative at, will exponentially increase and trump anything social media could ever do for you.”

– Dave Morrow