Newspapers Canada


Newspapers Canada is a joint initiative of the Canadian Newspaper Association and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association.

The Canadian Newspaper Association (CNA) and the Canadian Community Newspapers Association (CCNA) are two separate organizations that partnered to create one strong industry voice for newspapers in Canada. Combined, the two associations represent over 830 daily, weekly, and community newspapers in every province and territory in Canada. The CNA and the CCNA are now co-managed by one CEO but remain governed by two separate boards of directors in order to preserve the uniqueness of the programs and services offered to each member. By combining resources and collaborating on a variety of different projects Newspapers Canada provides more relevant services to all newspaper members, while also increasing the profile and effectiveness of the newspaper industry in Canada.

Today, the primary role of the Newspapers Canada is to represent the needs of CNA and CCNA members in three major areas:

Public Affairs

As an advocate in public policy, Newspapers Canada enables daily and community papers from coast to coast to speak with a unified voice when promoting newspaper interests to governments, regulators and the general public. These interests include such issues as taxation, employment standards, recycling, Canada Post, freedom of information, the Canada Periodical Fund, privacy and copyright. In this capacity Newspapers Canada monitors, analyzes and lobbies against legislation potentially harmful to newspapers and freedom of the press.


Newspapers Canada contributes to the ongoing evolution of the newspaper industry by raising awareness and promoting the benefits of daily and community newspapers to advertisers, media planners, creative agencies and newspapers. Newspapers Canada prepares case studies, advertising effectiveness research and informational presentations to highlight the power and effectiveness of newspapers across all media.

Member Services

Newspapers Canada acts on behalf of the members of the CNA and the CCNA in a proactive manner for the benefit of newspaper groups and independents alike. Member services include educational webinars, legal resources, research reports, auditing services, regional seminars, newsletters, press-release service, award programs and INK+BEYOND – the annual conference and trade show for the daily and community newspaper industry.