Museums Association of Saskatchewan

“To serve museums in Saskatchewan and work for their advancement.”

Museums Association of Saskatchewan is a non-profit, collective organization of over 200 member museums and a total membership of over 400 (including individuals and associates). The Association is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors representative of the museum community. The board develops policy and staff are responsible to the membership for programs and services that contribute to the advancement of museums.

The Association is a collective of member museums, ranging from art galleries to zoos, who enjoy the benefits of advisory, educational, promotional and financial support.

Vision And Values

Saskatchewan’s cultural and natural heritage will be preserved, understood and celebrated through a strong, vibrant museum community, valued and supported by society.

Statement Of Philosophy

Heritage is our social and natural inheritance: the objects, ideas, places, and traditions of intrinsic value which have shaped our present and will guide our future.

We believe our collective inheritance is an asset that must be preserved, understood, and built upon by each generation.

We believe that museums, in service to society, provide stewardship for the material evidence of our human and natural inheritance and contribute to the understanding of the world and our place in it – our past, our present, and our future.