International Network for Cultural Diversity (INCD)

INCD is a worldwide network working to counter the adverse affects of globalization on world cultures.

INCD has members in all regions of the world and all parts of the cultural community. Cultural organizations, artists and cultural producers from every media, academics, heritage institutions and others are joined together around fundamental principles which motivate and guide INCD campaigns.

INCD believes that diverse cultures and artistic expressions can and must thrive in a world of global marketplaces and rapidly changing media technologies.

INCD advocates for the needs of arts and culture among civil society groups and with governments and their agencies, including UNESCO, UNCTAD, the UN and the International Network on Cultural Policy. We facilitate networking and communication among members and organize meetings on diversity issues.

INCD researches and circulates information about the effects of trade agreements and economic globalization on cultural and media policies.

INCD carries the concerns of the arts and cultural industries to the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and at regional trade negotiations.

INCD is working to establish mechanisms to assess the cultural impact of economic development projects.

“Market forces alone cannot guarantee the preservation and promotion of cultural diversity, which is the key to sustainable human development.”

(UNESCO Declaration on Cultural Diversity. Art. 11)