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WritersServices provides services and information for writers.

The founders of WritersServices have extensive personal experience of publishing, writing and the computer world. They know that life is getting even tougher for writers.

It’s become more difficult for unpublished writers to get published.It’s also become harder to find good editing in publishing houses. The rules of publishing have changed. Editors’ pressure of work means that their emphasis is increasingly on acquiring, rather than editing. A great deal of copy-editing and proof-reading is now done by freelance editors, rather than in-house. Most editors are now focused on acquisition, rather than editing.

So how does all this affect writers?

It means that there is a wealth of freelance editorial talent available and many of the most experienced editors are now working from home. WritersServices has been able to tap this pool of talent to provide top-level services. It suggests that good editorial advice may be harder to find from publishers. It has led to a situation in which acquiring editors are increasingly looking for manuscripts which are already in good shape, as they don’t have the time or resources to edit them. All of this means that the quality of the people involved in WritersServices is hugely important. We know we have a team of top professionals, but we don’t expect you to take this on trust. Look at our Biographies pages to judge for yourself. We also have some endorsements from writers who have visited the site or used our services.