Category: was registered as a domain name in 1998 by Lesley Ellen Harris. It has since been a portal for copyright and licensing information for creators, owners, distributors, and consumers of content. was recently the IP Osgoode Law School Pick of the Week. The relaunch of was added to WIPO’s world map (see Washington DC) on 26 April 2012 World IP Day.

Lesley is a lawyer, author and educator. She began working in copyright in the summer of 1984 while still a law student. She continues to consult on U.S., Canadian and international copyright and licensing issues. She has written 4 books (8 books if you count new editions), edits The Copyright & New Media Law Newsletter, and develops and teaches in-person and online training courses. Follow Lesley on Twitter @Copyrightlaws.

This site has many purposes:

  • educate about copyright, licensing and digital property in plain English
  • provide free resources including articles and an e-letter on copyright
  • promptly answer questions on copyright and licensing asked through a blog

This site also refers you to numerous resources:

  • a print/electronic quarterly newsletter
  • online and in-person courses
  • relevant print and e-books