Artists Rates of Pay 2022 – Artists Union England


This document is designed to help artists’ and their employers to determine fair remuneration for artists’ labour. Artists should use these guidelines when paying other artists. Artists’ Union England has drawn upon existing documents produced by other unions, especially Scottish Artists’ Union. The rationale and source of each section is explained in appendices. Artists carry out many tasks that merit fair remuneration and this list is not considered exhaustive.

These rates of pay should apply to a wide range of freelance and short contract employment for artists, working within the field of visual art (refer to AUE’s membership criteria for more details) – from consultancy work, project planning and development, exhibition fees and all aspects of workshop delivery (set up, execution, clear up) and other freelance activity. They do not include equipment rental costs, travel costs, publication costs, insurance or shipping, or any other cost associated with art production (or VAT where relevant) – they are compensation for an artist’s time and labour only.

-Artists Union ENGLAND