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“As of June 1, 2010, The Arts Professions Act requires written contracts to be used between professional artists of all types, including performers and anyone wanting to hire, engage or contract them for their work or performance. The Act also recognizes the artist as a professional and, as a professional, emphasizes the importance of fair compensation.

Written contracts help protect artists and engagers by spelling out what is to be done, agreed upon fees, deadlines, termination clauses, transfer of rights, etc. This ensures a clear understanding of the transaction with the aim of preventing contract disputes down the road.

Written contracts are an effective business practice as they help solidify the business relationship by providing a clear understanding of the transaction. They also provide an extra measure of protection to both parties compared to a verbal or literal handshake.

There are many contract resources and tools available. If you want more information or you are new to contracting and are looking for tools to help you start using written contracts, please visit The Arts Professions Act “