Contracts for Saskatchewan Visual Artists & Engagers


The Saskatchewan Arts Professions Act requires a written contract between artists and engagers. The contract must include specific basic elements which are detailed in the Checklist For Written Contracts, provided by the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport. It is important to note that in Saskatchewan written contracts must now be used in all cases.

Artists are reminded to read all contracts carefully and ask questions about who is responsible for what and who will pay for what (invitations, opening receptions, mailing of announcements, framing costs, etc). In addition, artists are advised to check with galleries regarding insurance coverage, all risks coverage and payment of insurance deductibles if the work is lost, stolen or damaged.

Artists should be aware that Canadian copyright law gives artists the right to receive payment for works exhibited in public galleries (exhibition fees / artist’s fees). The CARFAC Recommended Minimum Copyright Fee Schedule is available on-line at or from CARFAC Offices. Other associated information on copyright is available from CARFAC offices.