Coalition for Cultural Diversity

The Coalition for Cultural Diversity was first established in the Spring of 1998 by Quebec’s leading professional associations of the cultural milieu in the midst of the growing opposition to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI). The Coalition expanded its membership in the Fall of 1999 by inviting the leading Canadian cultural professional associations to join its ranks. Today, the Coalition includes over 30 member organizations representing creators, artists, independent producers, distributors and publishers working in the fields of publishing, film, television, new media, music, performing arts and visual arts.

Mission Statement

The Coalition for Cultural Diversity is the cultural milieu’s main voice in debates on culture and trade, notably on the national front, as well as to support the government’s will to assert its right to apply policies that promote the diversity of cultural expressions.


The CCD hopes that everyone should be able to benefit from the diversity of cultural expressions that make up humanity’s common heritage.


  • INTEGRITY: In order to maintain the credibility to the cause of cultural diversity, the Coalition must always act with integrity.
  • COLLABORATION: For the Coalition, a spirit of sharing and collaboration is an integral part of a true diversity of cultural expressions.
  • FAIRNESS: Each culture merits to be given as much importance as the next and to be treated and valued fairly.
  • RESPECT: In the spirit of Collaboration and Fairness, the Coalition places a high value on respect for diversity.
  • INCLUSION: If the Coalition embodies the ideal of the diversity of cultural expressions, it must be inclusive for everyone who has an interest in the issue.


  • REPRESENTING THE CULTURAL MILIEU: Setting an example by promoting diversity through diversity. The Coalition’s strength is in representing organizations from all parts of the country and all sectors in order to broaden the scope and legitimacy of the movement.
  • STRENGTHENING THE CONVENTION: Realizing the full legal and political potential of the Convention by enhancing cooperation between parties as well as by achieving universal ratification and implementation.
  • EXPANDING INFLUENCE: Enhancing the capacity of others to mobilize around the same vision as the Coalition for Cultural Diversity to broaden the reach and influence of the civil society movement advocating for the diversity of cultural expressions.