Canadian Booksellers Association


Canadian Booksellers Association (CBA) is a national not-for profit trade association representing trade and campus booksellers in all provinces and territories. Membership includes Canadian bookstores of all sizes, including independents, chains, specialty stores, campus bookstores, as well as affiliated stakeholders—a group that includes authors, agents, sales reps, publishers, distributors and other industry suppliers.

CBA works for the current and future economic well-being of booksellers by promoting professional development, building community and advocating with all levels of government. The mission reflects CBA’s belief that we are united as a bookselling industry in our goals; that the written word has high, lasting value to readers, and should be respected and nurtured for this reason; and that the advancement of literacy and free legal access to all forms of information, across all borders, is essential.

CBA’s key operating principles are: to serve, advise on and anticipate booksellers’ needs; to promote active participation by our members; to assist members in providing superb service to their individual customers; to work constructively with all industry stakeholders; and to encourage consistent, ethical, professional and responsible business practices within the industry.