Association of Internet Marketing & Sales


Today AIMS is restarting from its history as Canada’s largest Internet association, representing over 5,000 members from a broad range of roles and industries and with varying levels of online experience. From long term internet aficionados to relative newcomers, our members all have the common desire to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest industry developments. Our members include interactive marketers, salespeople, executives, developers, designers, consultants, business owners, and many others.

We deliver education, networking, and discussion through events and online community building initiatives.

AIMS’s mission is to help business professionals effectively leverage the internet in their day-to-day business.

By focusing on exchanging ideas rather than dictating doctrine, we engage our members in generating activities and content. We spark conversations by bringing together thought leaders and best practices with those in the trenches trying to make sense of it all. Our services include learning, networking, and discussion for our members through a variety of online and offline events and media.

AIMS provides members with:

  • Learning & Discussion – events and online communications that combine insight and commentary from experts with input and discussion from the membership
  • Community – a way to connect with peers, create alliances, and develop new business opportunities
  • Inspiration & Passion – that indefinable ‘energy” that is generated when smart, savvy industry professionals come together to exchange ideas.