Arts Health Network Canada


Canada’s primary arts and health knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building hub, helping to promote and facilitate the development and growth of arts and health initiatives across Canada.

As a not-for-profit organization, Arts Health Network Canada’s (AHNC) primary purpose is to increase public awareness, understanding and appreciation of the contributions of arts-based initiatives to individual and community health, as well as to Canada’s public health care system.

AHNC aims to bring arts and health activities into the mainstream, integrated in the fabric of our communities, where participation and engagement in arts and cultural activities is embraced as a way of life, integral in meeting the health and social needs of all Canadians.

The Network engages arts/health users, organizations, decision makers, and the broader public to understand and support the connections between health and arts-based activities, as well as the multitude of ways that the arts can contribute to lowering costs, increasing effectiveness, and supporting the sustainability of our public health care system.