Voice Your View Survey

A survey to gather the opinions of members of Saskatchewan’s arts and cultural industries community.

Members of the Saskatchewan arts and cultural industries community are invited to participate in the final phase of the consultation for the review of the community of interest (COI) designation for the cultural industries. Recently, Sask. Arts Alliance held Town Hall meetings in Regina and Saskatoon. If you were unable to attend the meetings, you may participate by completing this survey.

The purpose of the consultation survey is to determine the most feasible model for applying and utilizing the formal Cultural Industries Community of Interest (COI) designation under SaskCulture Inc. The COI designation is a formal assignment of responsibility to a representative of a broad, community-based sector, such as: Arts, Heritage, First Nations and Métis, and Cultural Industries.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Your views are important to us, and they will be held in strict confidence. Only the aggregate information will be used in the final report by the consultant, Ken Alecxe, Alecxe Business Consulting.

This consultation survey is funded by SaskCulture and managed by the SAA in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Cultural Industries Development Council (SCIDC).

If you have any questions, please contact the SAA at 306-780-9820 or by email.