Saskatchewan Festival of Words, Moose Jaw

Amanda Farnel of the Saskatchewan Festival of Words sent this example:

Being the only multi-day literary festival in Saskatchewan and being the first literary festival in Saskatchewan by 15 years we were able to bring nationally acclaimed writers from all over Canada to Saskatchewan. We are feeding a love of reading and writing in an age that is largely digital by bringing people together at one festival where they can share a love of reading with each other. Our free programs for youths encourage creative thinking and allow anyone the opportunity to explore their talents.

Through Performers Cafe we give young and unknown writers a voice and a chance to gain confidence in their talent. We try to create nonjudgmental spaces for writers and poets to grow their craft.

For a personal example: I started attending Performers Cafes back in high school 10 years ago. As a person with anxiety it was difficult for me to engage with other writers. Performers Cafe, along with the festival, allowed me to get experience with performing which allowed me to gain confidence in myself. Even after leaving the arts and getting a degree in science I used it to have confidence in my ability to report on my research, and it is what led me back to the arts to support the festival now as an employee.


Amanda Farnel, Administrative Assistant

Saskatchewan Festival of Words