Arts Everywhere: Episode Thirteen


Leadership, Dedication & Innovation

Breanne Harmon is dedicated to a life in the arts, and her work has been rewarded with the prestigious recognition of the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal for work in the community. She’ll be sharing her inspiring adventure from visual arts to theatre, and her transition from Green Thumb Theater to her current role as the Executive Director of Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon. Breanne talks about her mentor, who foresaw her career path.

Breanne has led initiatives like the Balancing Act program and Playdate, designed to nurture a supportive community among arts workers and leaders.  She shares her involvement in an arts leadership training program, and her love for the Ronald McDonald House and Saskatoon’s food scene. Lastly, she shares her thoughts on the beauty of Saskatchewan and the cost of living in the province.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Green Thumb Theatre
Persephone Theatre
Belfry Theatre – Arts Leadership Training Program 
Rising Tides

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