Introducing SAA’s 2022-23 Board of Directors

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance’s AGM and community meeting on September 14. Artist Johanna Bundon created and performed a memorable artist Intervention following the AGM.

At the community forum, SAA presented the results of consultations conducted this past summer to discover how the organization could authentically make its board and organization more inclusive and representative. Executive Director, Em Ironstar, presented a special resolution to amend SAA bylaws, which can be found here. Those in attendance voted in favor of these changes and shared their thoughts and ideas moving forward.

SAA is pleased to introduce its 2022/2023 Board of Directors.

Newly elected board members are Krystal Glowatsk, artist, entrepreneur, and owner of Olive’s Branch Art Studio; Josh Haugerud, Executive Director of the Regina Folk Festival; Jeff Morton, media artist, curator, musician, Director and Curator of the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery; and Alejandro Romero, independent visual and interdisciplinary artist, curator and consultant in Arts and Culture.

“Thanks are due for those who are stepping off the board and have already done so much for the community,” says President, Daniel Parr. Thanks are also in order for those who are remaining on the board and those new to the board for their generosity in letting their names stand to serve the community. I look forward to working with this great group of people in the coming year to continue to aid the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance in fulfilling its mandate and serving the community.”

Remaining on the Board is Jaime Boldt, Executive Director, Globe Theatre; Tara Janzen Director of Development for the Remai Modern; and Daniel Parr, Program Officer, SaskBooks.

Leaving the board after years of service, Mary Blackstone, Professor Emerita in the Department of Theatre and Director of the Centre for the Study of Script Development at the U Regina; Dr. Kathryn Ricketts, dance artist, educator, associate professor, and Director of the Professional Development and Field Experience in the Faculty of Education, University of Regina.