Government of Saskatchewan 2020-21 Estimate

An analysis of the 2020-21 Estimates released by the Government of Saskatchewan

On March 18th the Honourable Donna Harpauer, Minister of Finance, tabled the 20-21 Estimates, which are the spending plans for all areas of government. The spending plans do not include the province’s revenue forecasts. A financial update, including revenue forecasts and possibly revised spending estimates will be released at a later date.

The estimates represent an overall increase in government spending of 3.1% from last year. The Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport saw an increase of $396,000.

None of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Creative Saskatchewan, Heritage Institutions & Sask. Science Centre and the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation received increases. Support of Provincial Heritage and Culture, which was reduced by $47,000, has traditionally included support for the ArtsVest program. The Community Initiatives Fund saw a decrease of $125,000 and the Community Sport, Culture and Recreation Programs line which supported the 2019 Western Canadian Summer Games was cut. Both Francophone Affairs and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum received increases.

Following are excerpts from the Parks, Culture, and Sport section of the 2020-21 Estimates.

2020-21 Budget Estimate Charts