Creative Industries Consultations – Details Announced

The Government of Saskatchewan provided details of the consultation process for the creative industries announced earlier this year. The consultations are to engage people and businesses involved in commercial production of creative products and experiences, including music and sound recordings; writing and publishing, craft, visual arts, film and multi-media (animators and game developers), theatre and dance businesses, and other interested parties. This consultation will be of interest to all artists interested in selling and marketing their work.

The consultation process begins with a discussion paper that includes key questions offered as a springboard for reflection and discussion. A series of focus groups will follow starting in late August and continue into the fall. Specific dates, locations and participants have not been determined.

MLAs Mark Docherty, Laura Ross, Jennifer Campeau and Darryl Hickie will participate on a Cabinet Committee on Creative Industries, and will help with the gathering of input and attend the focus group sessions.

Documents providing background material for the consultations can be found on the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport website. SAA provided a brief overview of the documents in our last bulletin.