Arts Everywhere: Episode Seventeen

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Don’t forget the joy

Tia Furstenberg is a South African transplant making waves in the Canadian prairies with her art studio and her commitment to nurturing local talent in Prince Albert, Tia shares  her initial steps into the world of art to the bold venture of Lemon Yellow Art Studio, navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship without a formal business education.

Whether it is a happenstance trip to Greece  to assist with an art exhibition, or taking on the multifaceted challenges at the Mann Art Gallery, these moments aren’t just career milestones; they’re the building blocks of Tia’s philosophy on the interconnectedness of art and community—a philosophy that’s particularly vibrant in Prince Albert’s thriving artistic landscape.

Tia she shares the joy of teaching art, witnessing the raw creativity of preschoolers and guiding adult learners through self-critique. Each class at Lemon Yellow Art Studio is not just an opportunity to learn a new technique but a chance to become part of the art community.

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