Pajama Party Politics: Gathering to Gab in Saskatoon

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Stylized images of three people sitting around a table. They have bright pink skin and looped and lengthy limbs. There is a white cat sitting near the speakers on the right.

Pajama Party Politics: Gathering to Gab

Presented by Listen to Dis and Saskatchewan Arts Alliance

Who is this for?

Disabled and non-disabled artists, community members, cultural leaders, and art, cultural, and disability focused organizations!

When and Where? 

Tuesday, June 20th from 6:00 to 9:pm | In-person | Paved Arts and AKA Artist-Run Art Gallery | Saskatoon

Join us in June to continue our conversation on accessibility and accommodation. Gathering to Gab will be a casual get-together of the Saskatchewan disabled community to continue to connect and share (lived) experiences.

Everyone is welcome and we invite you to come as you are – just as you are – whether in pajamas on the couch, or comfy in person with your peers.

**Participant contributions will not be included in the access document without time to reflect and give permission.

Register here or email!

The event will open with a dazzling montage of music and theatre from past & future productions
performed by the LTD’s music ensemble The Dripping Honeys and guest artists. Their goal is to invite people in, through art and facilitated dialogue, to create a better understanding of access and inclusion from a Crip perspective. One that helps construct community awareness and appreciation of disability and access in art, culture, and education. It is unapologetically satirical, ironic, and hilarious and is meant to interrupt hidden biases around disability.

Access can be a space of deep solidarity, radical love, and welcoming.1

1 Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, a writer and disability justice worker. “There are disabled people in the future” by Rachel Jobson. Briarpatch Magazine. September 2022